legends of the bold

Man hunt!!

A barker by the name of tick belching words in the street hireing those who need the thrill of adventure and money….

Looking for mercinaries !!!!

Tick explained to all the adventurers he came acrost about the Lack of knowledge the town has about the assult yesterday. Tick explained that they could in fact earn a reward if they chose to go out and find answers to the mystery lying dead in the grass lineing near the forest.

Adventurers that have come together today by an odd circumstances have set out in search for answers and the claim to their bounty… of 1000gold peices if information was brought back.

More money awaits for further circumstances… or discoveries………

The Party set out to track the orcs before the trail is ruined by time and the weather. Leaving due north west. Tracks almost lost were found again by the ever cleaver sorcerrer mez and then again by marcuss.

Our adventurers found them selfs at the mouth of a cave weary of pushing forward teemo offered to go inspect the depth of the situation.

quickly battle insues and all foes were switly delt with, one orc and four wolves.

Moving into the cave loking for The answers they have come for they stumbled upon several more enimies. Some very dead and one that has left them puzzled not to mentioned trapt.

What will they do next duh dun duh



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